To the horrible Juliette Kayyem

Email message (written by a friend but sent via a friend) to the horrible Juliette Kayyem, who has declared that truckers and their supporters should be punished severely:

You are just another nasty, rotten, Marxist maniac. You are an aging female whose misguided feminism has not been properly categorized as such. I read your antagonistic statements against the Heroic and Courageous Canadian Truckers. Yes, they are just that, heroic and courageous in their efforts to fight against the disgusting, rotten, miserable world that people like YOU have brought into existence. I have known many leftists, and I notice that they (especially the “women,” if you can be called that) have a knee-jerk hatred towards White Men, especially handsome, masculine White Men who unite and take concerted action against the despicable leftist tyranny in which we are living. That is, after all, what your shallow, pathetic, nasty “liberalism” is all about: the unrelenting hatred of White Men and all that WE have achieved. You cleverly package this as a form of “social justice,” and go about it as if you are performing some great and noble act. But more and more people are waking up and seeing you for the miserable monsters that you are.

You wouldn’t be able to run off your malicious mouth if WE, White Males, didn’t create the freedoms that you are trying, in turn, to rob from us. Don’t you see? Everything comes from us. You are the thieves, the robbers, the malcontents who have stolen our culture from us and turned it into a violent multi-cultural stew of nothingness. You are not creative, and you are not visionary. You can pose for pictures with a member of each race, and you can present yourself with your fake smile which is nothing more than a condescending scowl. The truth of your diminished intelligence, your abject snobbery, your hatred of the White Working Class, your spitting scorn for freedom and liberty, your ugly inner self, your feminist-infected mind, will ultimately be exposed in all of its hideousness. You are a small, insignificant nobody whose own misplaced arrogance has created the impression of importance only in your own mind. You will not win this war. The Canadian Truckers Convoy is just the beginning, and these men (and women) should be applauded for the courage that you lack. Stupid, worthless, leftist snotbag!

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